Friday, April 10, 2015

40 Best Christian Rock Albums (that pushed the boundaries of CCM)

In alphabetical and chronological order, here are my picks for the 40 best albums that pushed the boundaries of what Christian rock could be. These by and large didn't get played on radio because they were either ahead of their time or said more than just the party line of mainline Christian evangelism. Several of these delved into philosophy, history, social justice issues, etc. before that was en vogue for Christian artists to do so. Those are my criteria for this list.

Many of these artists have lots of other deserving albums, but these are the ones that I believe propelled them past recycling the lowest common denominator CCM groupthought.

But they are all very excellent albums, a lot of fun to listen to, and are some of the things that helped to shape my faith and my understanding of Christianity.

Ping Pong Over the Abyss 77s 1982
The 77s 77s 1987
Sticks and Stones 77s 1990
Drowning with the Land in Sight 77s 1994
Art of the State AD 1985
Homeboys Adam Again 1990
International Anthems for the Human Race All-Star United 1999
Gut Level Music Altar Boys 1986
Lead Me On Amy Grant 1988
Exodus Andy Hunter 2002
Snakes in the Playground Bride 1992
The Secret of Time Charlie Peacock 1990
Love Life Charlie Peacock 1991
Alarma Daniel Amos 1981
Darn Floor, Big Bite Daniel Amos 1987
Delusions of Grandeur Fleming and John 1995
Flyleaf Flyleaf 2005
Miracle Mile Guardian 1993
Swing Swang Swung Guardian 1994
Tribal Opera Ideola 1987
The Book of Kells Iona 1992
Jars of Clay Jars of Clay 1995
Invisible Girl Julie Miller 1994
The Turning Leslie Phillips 1987
Soak Your Brain Lovewar 1993
Revolution Mind Magdalen 1993
The Big Picture Michael W. Smith 1986
Two Seventeen Pax217 2000
Sunday’s Child Phil Keaggy 1990
Freedom  Whiteheart  1989
Between Heaven and Hell Rez Band 1985
A Liturgy, A Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band Rich Mullins 1993
Rick Elias and the Confessions Rick Elias and the Confessions 1990
Spirit, Love, and Fire Southside Blades of Eden 1993
I Predict 1990 Steve Taylor 1987
Squint Steve Taylor 1993
Chase the Kangaroo The Choir 1988
Strength The Violet Burning 1992
Romeo Unchained Tonio K. 1989
Forum Undercover 1994

Over the next few weeks, I'll highlight each album and tell you why it deserves its spot on the list.