Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Creative Corner #3 -- Let Not Their Plight

Let Not Their Plight

Because I love you
I will go
To the dying in a darkened land,
Not for the great need
Inside they
Feel, the yearning for infinite purpose.
No. Just because I love you.

Because you love me
I will work
In the tortured times, persevere
Though misunderstanding and hate
Is only
A reflection of the hell inside.
Stay just because you love me.

Although the needs are great
While the dying dream of life
When people yearn for love
Let not their plight overwhelm me.

Because your love will
Bid me go,
Let my response show love for you;
Send me to love them
By serving
You first, and bid me go and work
Because I love you.

My poetry and early short stories are available in Gomer and Other Early Works.

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